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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pacific Costa Rica

With four countries seen and our trip half-way done
we´ve whiled away this past week in the sun

Soaring through treetops, limbs dangling below
sunsets o´er the ocean, what a beautiful show

By bus, foot and ferry-we were Montezuma bound

where warm tidal beaches and waterfalls surround

Counting our freckles, splayed out on the sand
Slathered in sunscreen, yet building our tans

Amidst sandy surf beaches, we want you to know
our minds wander north to the ice and the snow

We think of the shoveling, your misery true
it dropped down to 70 last night: hey, it´s winter here too!

Alongside the Pacific, it´s time to head where they


spot quetzals and tucans, in old Monteverde!

~ ~ ~ ~

From the jungle of central Costa Rica, we post some pictures of our time on the coast:

A sheer face covered in lush greens, Manuel Antonio Parque National

Jordan's Mom and Aunt match their vacation with ours for a little Pura Vida rendezvous, Manuel Antonio

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