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"I can't Belize what a Panama Honduras you're being."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carribean Knights

Our week in the sun, we are glad to report
Put us smack on the coast in our great tent resort

Sleeping on sweaters, we fought the terrain,
Which was constantly muddied through wet nights of rain

In Cahuita we surfed en el Carbe Mar
And took a boat trip to go esnorclear

By foot and beach cruiser, around town we scooted 
Munching bananas and cantaloupe ´til we were way over-fruited

After four misty days we went south to the border,
To get our last week of vacation in order

With our sights on the bridge which would lead us to Panama
The bus-walk-bus-walk-bus-boat trip truly tested our stamina

We snorkled then surfed in Bocas del Toro
´Til scuffed feet and bruised ribs made our bodies too sore...oh

We trekked muddy trails through the jungle´s long reach

To play in the waves of old Wizard Beach

Bastimentos, Carenero, and Isla Colon,

For three days we were glad to call Bocas our home


  1. Thanks for all the great photos. The trip looks fantastic. I love the tent resort - looks heavenly. And all the muddy feet! Peace:)

  2. What a wonderful trip! I love all the pictures and captions. The Great Tent Resort! Be prepared for a winter blast on re-entry. Can't wait to see both of you and hear the stories. Love, Mum