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"I can't Belize what a Panama Honduras you're being."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hasta luego, Guatemala!

From big city highways to cobblestone calles,
Before we heard south, we have to move sideways.

But first if we may, on our first week's stay:
Flores, Tikal, and El Remate.

We walked through a jungle, we climbed up a tree,

We saw our first Tucan and Spider Monkey!

Sunset from a temple, howler monkeys roar,

We trekked through the ruins 'till our trotters were sore.

En route to the temples we stopped for a spell,

While horses grazed nearby our lakeside hotel.

Adios Guatemala! We're on to Belize
Put our Spanish on hold - Hello beaches and trees!
(But first a few More Pictures)

On the left, facing east lies Temple I, the Tomb of King Moon Double Comb, and on the right facing west,  is Temple II, where rests King Jorangotan No Need Comb


  1. Jordan and Betsy,
    I love all the pictures and poems! What beautiful sites you are seeing!
    Love, Mum

  2. next temple you guyz stop in could u summon a mayan or aztec god/medicine man and ask them about this whole 2012 thing? just tryin to figure if this job search thing is really worth it.... ENJOY! ~xoxo scw